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Hall Of Fame Mountain Bikes

Team Fat Chance Yo Eddy
Midnight Black Frame /Fork

Cannondale Super V Freeride 1000 HeadShok Moto FR

Klein Attitude MC1 Horizon Linear Fade Rigid fork Full Shimano XTR FC M-900

Vintage Land Shark
“Dirt Shark” Fillet Brazed

Cannondale Jekyll 500

Cannondale Super V 1000
Near Mint Low miles US Retro-Fox Racing Alps 5R Air Shox

1991 Klein Attitude XL
US Retro Classic

Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber

Cannondale Super V Raven 2000
Natural Carbon Fiber

Vintage Rock Shoe Judy Specialized Future FSX Carbon Fiber Legs Fork

Vintage SUNSET RIMS Mavic 217 SUP multicolored Rasta 26" MTB Sach Q Hubs

US Retro Trek Y-22 OCLV FS
26" Mountain Bike- Nude/Natural Carbon Fiber Classic

1996 Dean Bam Bam Vintage
26” Mountain Bike

Mountain Cycle San Andreas

Cannondale Super V Raven 2000 Lefty DLR

Cannondale Super V 700FR

Yeti Pro Fro

Yeti Ultimate

Cannondale F3000 Racing Team Blue

Klein MC2 Adroit Blastberry

2000 Cannondale Super V 700SX Lefty DLR

Cannondale Super V 400
Mean Green Machine

Underground Revival 27.5
Signed by John Parker

Cannondale Killer V500

Vintage Klein Pulse

Vintage Cannondale Super V 1000

Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber

Cannondale F400 Afterburner CAAD 2 Design

Klein USA TEAM MC2 Attitude

GT Xizang Titanium All Terra
Competition Series

1992 Ritchey P-22 Team
Personally, Hand Filet Brazed by Tom Ritchey- US Classic

Klein Adept Pro Plumb Crazy

Trek Y-33 OCLV FS
26" Mountain Bike

Klein Attitude Storm

Vintage Ritchey NOS Team Race Bike NEVER BUILT Hand Crafted Ritchey Frame #P701

91 Klein Attitude Mardi Gras

1991 Klein MC1 Attitude Aurora XL Uncut MC1 Mission Control museum grade Retro

Klein Quantum Pro MC2 Fuselage 57CM 1995

Klein TOP GUN Original Mission Control MC1

Original Mission Control MC1

Mountain Klein
1ST Generation 1986

Cannondale Super V Raven 2000 Lefty DLR

Cannondale Super V 4000

Mercedes Benz Sport Cruiser

Mercedes Benz
Sport Cruiser

Spinergy Rev X Roks

Vintage Ringle Purple Anodized Water Bottle Cage

Cannondale Super V 500 Comp - Active 80 Swingarm Big Island Fade Red/Mango USA

Panaracer Dart Hard Core Tires

Cannondale F500 Cad3

1986 Fisher Montare, Hunter Green - Deerhead

K2 OZ-M Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber

Klein USA TEAM MC2 Attitude -MC2 /Judy Fork Just Painted to match frame FULL XTR

Vintage 1993 Klein Adept Candy Teal MC1

Vintage Trek Pro Issue OCLV Carbon Fiber -XTR Cranks/Rear Derailleur

Klein MC1 Rock Shox Crown Fork Sterrer

Suntour XC-2 XC II 9/16 Pedals Bear Trap Vintage Mountain Bike / BMX Pedals

Cannondale Super V900 Icelandic Green Black Reinforced box section Swingarm USA

Klein Quantum II 57CM Coral Reef

1992 Yeti Arc 18.50” Large Vintage Mountain Bike Classic Frame - Needs Repair USA

Land Shark Cycles Road Shark Burgundy Blue- Fillet Brazed By John Slawta USA

Shimano XTR M900 seat post QRL Near Mint Ritchey YETI Klein US Retro Classic

Klein TOP GUN Fuselage -Mission Control MC1- Klein Rigid Fork

Cannondale Super V Viper Red W/ Yellow

Klein Adroit MC2 Mission Control- Koi

Cannondale F1000 SL Cad4 Design - Afterburner Fade